Langport, Somerset

Project Description

This project includes the fabrication and installation of white PVC-u casement windows in addition to the fabrication and installation of front and rear composite doors. The composite doors are in ‘anthracite grey’ externally and ‘walnut’ internally to match the exterior appearance of the house and the internal door colour respectively. The white door frames provide a visual contrast with the door and match the window colour. The Endurance ‘Mckinley’ front door has been fitted with a spyhole knocker and door guard  (a more secure option than a chain guard). The back door is an Endurance ‘Etna’. The white PVC-u windows have been fitted with dummy sashes where there is no opening vent, which keeps glass sight lines equal. A 50mm astragal bar from ‘traditional’ range divides the glass. Trickle vents (also referred to as slot vents) were fitted to provide background ventilation even when windows are shut. The escape hinges allow the window sash to open at a 90 degree angle and smoothly slide along the track for ease of cleaning from inside the building.

Composite Door – White uPVC – Astragal Bar – Anthracite Grey – Walnut